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Test puzzle creation page

Puzzles of the jig-saw type may support learning processes in various ways and serve as checks of one's abilities. Here, you can create your own applet test puzzles.
Caution: in contrast to the applet puzzles, a big number of special mathematical symbols is possible for this type of puzzle (see below)!

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How to proceed when creating your own test puzzle
  • Fill in the form below. (For technical reasons the entries must be transmitted as single lines - otherwise error message! -, but may actually be represented in multiple line form). You may insert ordinary text or arbitrary HTML code. Texts are automatically broken into several (not more than 3) lines. An intentional line break is indicated by the symbol <BR>. Keep your texts brief in order not to exceed the space provided for the puzzle fields!

    With a little bit of HTML, you may generate various special mathematical symbols. Hint: in order to represent xn, just write x<SUP>n</SUP>. In order to compose mathematical formulae, you may wish to use the maths online HTML formula tool.
    You may insert images (optimal size: 146 × 51), the code being:
    <IMG SRC="...URL-of-Image..." WIDTH="146" HEIGHT="51">).

  • Generate the puzzle by clicking the button 'Generate puzzle' (while being online). Several seconds later, you will receive a web page in a new browser window containing the puzzle together with your additional text. If you are not pleased with the result, go back to the input page and perform the necessary corrections. (Caution: the button "Reset" does not work at this stage!)

    When pleased, save the page at your computer, giving it an arbitrary name, but with file extension "htm" or "html" (in contrast to "cgi", which is first offered by the browser)! After having saved the file in this way, you may open it in your browser, and the button "Reset" should work now.

  • Run the puzzle. No connection to the internet is necessary (except for the few links on the page).
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