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At this page you find some selected links ordered by topic, where we have laid emphasis on interactive learning material which needs no download or additional software, although some spreadsheets (requiring Microsoft Excel to run on your computer) and other media have been included.

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Elementary geometry
Linear algebra
  • Graphing Linear Equations (applet) Learning program on linear functions and their graphical representation as straight lines in a plane. Includes tutorial, test, quiz, crossword puzzle and - as tools - the possibility to plot graphs of functions and a calculator. You may pose questions to the teachers and discuss with pupils of the Bremen High School, USA.
  • Graph Applet (applet) A straight line may interactively be moved, the coefficients m and b of its equation are shown.
  • Java Script Linear Algebra (JavaScript) Some pages about how to manipulate 3 × 3 matrices (multiply, invert,...) and systems of linear equations in 3 variables. A particularly useful tool is the Java Script Linear Algebra Calculator. On page III systems of equations may be solved numerically. The same author also offers a Matrix Calculator Applet capable of dealing with n × n matrices, and a short outline of the mathematics behind (also see his maths pages).
  • Linear Equation Solver (applet) Numerical Solution of systems of linear equations in 3 variables.
  • HartMath (applet) Symbolic manipulation with vectors and matrices in a Java based online computer algebra system.

Trigonometric functions and trigonometry
  • Trigonometry (some applets) A number of units to illustrate definitions, graphs and simple properties of the trigonometric functions, including the Sum Formulae, the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines.
    In particular see two applets about the graphs of the Sine and the Cosine function and a further applet by which the definitions of the various trigonometric functions may be compared.

  • Famous Curves (graphics and applets) More than sixty famous plane curves or families of curves are discussed and represented graphically. In the applet versions their parameters may be changed interactively. See also the Famous Curves Applet Index. (School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, University of St Andrews, Scotland).
  • A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves: A lot of information on curves and families of curves. Resources in various formats: images, Mathematica notebooks, Quick Time movies, Sketchpad and Cabri files.

  • Integration Applet (applet) After typing in a function, the definite Integral is represented graphically as area and its value is shown.

Probability and statistics
Numerical methods
  • Bisection Method Tutorial (applet) Illustates the bisection method to numerically solve equations of the form f(x)=0 for some selected functions f.
  • Numerical Integration Tutorial (applet) Some methods for numerical integration are applied to a number of selected functions and illustrated graphically in a nice way.

Fourier analysis
  • Realtime Fourier sound synthesis (spreadsheet) Sound generator: Determine the intensities of overtones by means of a scroll bar and listen to the according sound. (Even without sound utility, the graphical side of this spreadsheet is a nice illustration of the Fourier series).

History of mathematics
...last but not least: Mathematics as a problem

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