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How to install self-made applet puzzles
independent of the web

After saving the puzzle web-page, you will still need an internet connection, because the necessary Java class-files are located at the maths online website. However, you can easily copy these to your computer and henceforth run puzzles independent of any web connection.

  • Change the file's name into "selfpuzzle.jar".
  • Remove the first line of any puzzle HTML document, reading

    <BASE HREF="">

    Now the puzzles should run completery locally on your computer.
  • When adding new puzzles into the same folder, and modifying them in the same way, they should run completely locally as well.
  • In case different puzzle HTML coduments are contained in different folders, just put a copy of "selfpuzzle.jar" into any of these. (Alternatively, if you are familiar with the way how Java applets are put into web pages, insert the appropriate path descriptions into the APPLET tags).
  • If you generate puzzles from the downloaded version of maths online, you need not bother about all this!
    After generating a puzzle, just save its web page into any folder - it will automatically receive the correct path description. However, don't move it to another folder (or, in case this is unavoidable, appropriately modify the path description in the BASE tag, located at the document's first line).

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