Suggestions for the classroom

How can maths online be applied in classroom teaching?

Here, we collect some project type worksheets, suitable to be treated in small groups. The worksheets designed by the symbol    may be filled in online or printed, those designed by the symbol    may be downloaded (or opened in the browser if an appropriate plug-in is installed).
If you want to incorporate mathematical symbols in the worksheets, and if you have some elementary knowledge of HTML, you may wish to use the maths online HTML formula tool.

All users are invited to send us further worksheets and suggestions for classroom (message to maths online).

Help - designing the answers on an online worksheet

   Demo worksheet

Functions 1

   Functions in everyday life
   Quadratic functions
   Third order functions
   Function and Graph
            (by Karinna Huber, Word document)
   Graphs of simple power functions
            (by Karinna Huber, Word document)
   Algebra II Internet Lesson - Functions
            (by Susan Socha, Word document)

Trigonometric functions

   Trigonometry - the right-angled triangle
            (by Karinna Huber, Word document)

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