Maths by playing

The applets are started by clicking the red buttons.

The Warp image may give you some idea how complex (fractal) patterns are generated in nature. In the applet, a given pattern is deformed by mouse clicking and dragging. Carrying out a sequence of such operations in a regular way produces amazingly bizarre objects which show - as far as allowed by the finite pixel size - a tendency towards self similarity. There are no limits for creative phantasy!

The code of the Warp Applet goes back to Alex Rosen. Originally, it has been used to disfigure people (see the list of such applications on Rosen's web site). We have slightly modified it and adopted it for our purposes.

Clicking the red button calls a web page in a separate browser window, within which the applet is started. In case the browser window is small and does not show the complete image, please maximize it by clicking the square symbol in the right upper corner.

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