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Here a collection of resources which you may download from our server is being created.

maths online

You may download the complete latest updated version of maths online.

maths online HTML formula tool

How to get mathematical formulae on a web page? Here we offer a convenient tool which displays the HTML code for various special symbols. Preliminary: basic knowledge on HTML. The online version may be found at the page formulae and the web.
download the maths online HTML formula tool:

as   ZIP archive    or as   self extracting exe-file
You obtain an archive (named formeln.ZIP or formeln.exe, depending on your choice) whose content (a file named start.html and a directory named formeln) should be extracted into a new directory. The tool may be loaded from the page start.html. The code of this file may easily be adapted to incorporate a link to the tool in your own web page.


TREEFROG is a learning program developed by Paul M. Strickland from the Liverpool John Moores University. It helps getting some practice with step-by-step calculations (e.g. when solving equations). After every step the program responds whether the input is correct. Diofferent topics and levels may be chosen. Warmly recommended! More information may be fount at the TREEFROG home page. There, you also find an online demonstration showing the functionality of the program for some examples.

Save this file (install.exe) into a new directory and double click its icon - all necessary files will self-extract themselves. Start the program by double clicking the icon of the file Treefrog.exe.

Since 2003 there is the newer version TREEFROG 2.0 available. It contains only test on linear equantions, buit has the advantage that own tests may be created and saved:

For download of other versions (MSDOS) and supplementary programs see the TREEFROG MSDOS download page. Also see the author's page TREEFROG for Windows.

Applet puzzles on trigonometry

Karinna Huber and Richard Mesaric (teachers at the Gymnasium Draschestraße, Vienna) have developed a series of puzzles on trigonometric functions. The puzzles are written in english language and are used (together with material from maths online) in biligual education.

Extract the zip-archive and open the file index.htm in your browser.

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